About the Unique Student Identifier (USI)

What is a USI? 

The USI is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters. It’s free, easy to create and stays with you for life.

You’ll need a USI if you are a:

– New or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training;

Without one, you won’t be able to receive your statement of attainment or qualification, and the USI gives you access to an online record of your nationally recognised training in the form of a VET transcript. This can be used when:

– Applying for a job;
– Seeking a credit transfer; or
– Demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.


If you are a new student who does not have a USI please visit this page to apply for one.

Keeping national training records together 

In April 2012, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to implement the USI to give students access to a complete record of their VET enrolments and achievements from a single source.

Key facts about the USI initiative:

– Jointly developed by federal, state and territory governments in consultation with stakeholders;
– Supported through Commonwealth legislation and administered through the USI Registry System;
– Commenced on 1 January 2015.

The USI initiative is also valuable for government as it enables the collection of information about students’ training and study activity, and their movements within the VET and Higher Education systems. This information provides an important foundation for understanding and improving VET and higher education performance and better meeting the needs of students, education or training providers and employers.


The USI initiative is supported by the Student Identifiers Act 2014.

Under the legislation, Under the Hammer cannot not issue a statement of attainment or a qualification unless the student has been assigned a USI.

Role of the Student Identifiers Registrar

The Student Identifiers Registrar is a Commonwealth statutory officer established by the Student Identifiers Act 2014.

About the Registrar:

– Responsible for administering the USI initiative nationally;
– Appointed by the Commonwealth Skills Minister in consultation with the ministers responsible for skills in states and territories.

USI data access guidelines

The USI data access guidelines outline arrangements where data collected and collated under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 might be requested, disclosed and/or used for research. The processes and requirements in the Guidelines must be followed for the information to be lawfully used or released.

Unique Student Identifier (USI) Consent Form

If you do not already have a USI and would like Under the Hammer to apply for a USI on your behalf you must authorise us to do and declare that you have read the privacy information at You must also provide some additional information as noted on the Consent form so that we can apply for a USI on your behalf.

In providing your USI, you confirm that Under the Hammer is authorised to collect, use and disclose your identifier for the purposed required under the Student Identifier Act 2014.

You will receive a notice regarding Under the Hammer’s use of this information to confirm your USI.

You must understand that Under the Hammer’s name included in the notice may be different to the name you are familiar with – the name of the organisation verifying your USI is Under the Hammer.

Victorian Student Number (VSN)

What is a Victorian Student Number (VSN)?

The Victorian Government has legislated and implemented a Victorian Student Number (VSN) for students in Victoria below the age of 25 years.

New or continuing learners living and training in Victoria under the age of 25 years, who are undertaking nationally recognised training, are required to have and supply a VSN.

A VSN is not the same as a USI so all learners under 25 in Victoria are required to have both.

A VSN is a nine-digit student identification number that is unique to each student and will be used as a key identifier on a student’s records. It will remain with the student throughout their education, until reaching the age of 25 at which point the student’s VSN will be retired.

How to Obtain your VSN

You may obtain your VSN by emailing the Victorian Student Number Operations Team. You will need to attach a photo identification and state your full name, date of birth and the name of the school you last attended in Australia.

Contact VSN Team

Telephone: 1800 822 635

Please note:The VSN is necessary for school, TAFE and Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s) enrolments. VTAC does not require the VSN for university entrance enrolments, for VTAC applications you will need your VCAA student number. Your VCAA student number is located on your VCE Statement of Results and can be obtained from your school VCE Coordinator or by contacting the Student Records and Results unit by email to