An Agent’s Representative Certificate is required for anyone wishing to enter the real estate industry in Victoria. This qualification allows you to perform a variety of roles under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued with a “Statement of Attainment” outlining the required units of competency. This statement can be used to apply to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA), along with the necessary application in order to receive your Agents Representative.

By completing this course with Under The Hammer Training, you will learn from some of the best industry professionals. Additionally you will be equipped with an understanding of the aspects of the real estate industry, allowing you to start your career in a role as a real estate salesperson or property manager. With focus given to the interpretation of legislation and preparation of documentation required in real estate transactions, you will be well on your way to a successful career.


An agent’s representative is employed by or acts for a licensed estate agent, and with written authority, can perform any of the legal functions of that estate agent. For example, an agent’s representative can act as a salesperson or property manager, but cannot operate an estate agency business.

You must give your employer a Statement of Attainment showing you have completed the prescribed units of competency as per Consumer Affairs Victoria:

Units of Competency

CPPREP4001 Prepare for Professional Practice in Real Estate
CPPREP4002 Access and Interpret Ethical Practice in Real Estate
  • Access and Interpret Legislation in Real Estate
CPPREP4004 Establish Marketing and Communication Profiles in Real Estate
CPPREP4005 Prepare to Work With Real Estate Trust Accounts
CPPREP4101 Appraise Property For Sale or Lease
CPPREP4102 Market Property
CPPREP4103 Establish Vendor Relationships
CPPREP4104 Establish Buyer Relationships
CPPREP4105 Sell Property
CPPREP4121 Establish Landlord Relationships
CPPREP4122 Manage Tenant Relationships
CPPREP4123 Manage Tenancy
CPPREP4124 End Tenancy
CPPREP4125 Transact in Trust Accounts
CPPREP4161 Undertake Pre-auction Process
CPPREP4162 Conduct and Complete Sale by Auction
CPPREP4503 Present at Hearings in Real Estate


If you are a new or continuing learner undertaking nationally recognised training, in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment you will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you don’t have a USI we will not be able to issue your qualification or statement of attainment.

Your USI will give you access to an online record of the training you have done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

Collecting and reporting a student’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a requirement under Commonwealth legislation and a condition of your enrolment.

Creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI) only takes a few minutes and is free. It only needs to be created once and will stay with you for life, so you use this USI every time you enrol into a nationally recognised training program. This applies to:

  • New students
  • Pre-enrolled students
  • Continuing students
  • School students completing nationally recognised training

Creating your USI

You can create your USI here: usi.gov.au or you can give permission for Under The Hammer Training to do it for you by providing us with a copy of your ID.

More Information on the USI:


What is a Victorian Student Number (VSN)?

The Victorian Government has legislated and implemented a Victorian Student Number (VSN) for students in Victoria below the age of 25 years.

New or continuing learners living and training in Victoria under the age of 25 years who are undertaking nationally recognised training are required to have and supply a VSN. If you do not know or have a VSN we will be able to obtain one for you once you complete your enrolment.

A VSN is not the same as a USI so all learners under 25 in Victoria are required to have both.

A VSN is a nine-digit student identification number that is unique to each student and will be used as a key identifier on a student’s records. It will remain with the student throughout their education, until reaching the age of 25 at which point the student’s VSN will be retired.

How to Obtain your VSN

You may obtain your VSN by emailing the Victorian Student Number Operations Team. You will need to attach a photo identification and state your full name, date of birth and the name of the school you last attended in Australia

Contact VSN Team

Telephone: 1800 822 635
Email: victorian.student.register@edumail.vic.gov.au
Website: http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/schooladmin/vsn/studentnumbers.aspx

Please note:The VSN is necessary for school, TAFE and Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s) enrolments. VTAC does not require the VSN for university entrance enrolments, for VTAC applications you will need your VCAA student number. Your VCAA student number is located on your VCE Statement of Results and can be obtained from your school VCE Coordinator or by contacting the Student Records and Results unit by email to student.records@edumail.vic.gov.au



Class / Zoom Course Fees: $695.00

Class room or face to face zoom sessions are conducted with one of our highly qualified trainers. All students will receive materials prior to scheduled class times. Access to additional resources will also be given prior to classes commencing. All students are required to attend classes with a laptop in order to complete and submit assessments. We offer zoom sessions for individuals or groups.

Online / Correspondence Course Fees: $495.00

Students once enrolled, will be given access to the online portal where they will be able to access all necessary resources as well as being able to complete assessments. As part of the online course, students will be able to send queries to  a trainer / assessor should they require assistance.

Students will also receive comments on any assessments submitted for marking.

Upon successful completion of all relevant units, students are issued with the appropriate qualification certificate or statement of attainment.

Once enrolment has been received and payment has been made, please note that all Certificate of Registration course fees are non-refundable. In the event that a person wishes to not proceed with current enrolment, a credit can be retained for 12 months that can be used for further training.

Method of Delivery


Online training.

Utilising our user friendly online training portal, students are able to complete their training courses inn their own time at their own pace. Via the portal students will also have access to trainers via email who are able to assist with any queries that arise.

Zoom training.

Accommodating busy schedules, we can facilitate your real estate training by zoom. Ideal for offering flexibility and for agents working in remote areas unable to attend classes. Following the same structure as the classes, students will work directly with a trainer while completing assessments throughout the session.