Charlie Powell is a multi-award winning auctioneer specialising in Sydney’s Inner West and Lower North Shore area.

At the start of every auction, Charlie is acutely aware he is representing the agent and their agency. But more than that, a successful auction has the potential to change the lives of both the vendor and the purchaser. This knowledge keeps Charlie focused and determined as he reads the emotions of the crowd to achieve the best possible outcome for the vendors he represents.

Before becoming an auctioneer, Charlie was an experienced performer. He now uses his stage skills to warm-up the crowd and start the bidding. His friendly and sincere approach engages bidders while his keen eye watches for slight body movements to understand the emotions of each bidder. Charlie uses this knowledge to the vendor’s advantage as he extracts the highest price for their property.

Charlie truly loves being an auctioneer because he loves working with people - the agents, the vendors, the buyer’s agents and the auction day crowds. His enthusiasm and joy is infectious and adds to the atmosphere at every auction.