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At Under the Hammer, I proudly serve as the CEO, leading a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in providing certified training, coaching, and auctions to real estate agents nationwide. With a career that began in 1994, I have witnessed the remarkable growth of our company since its establishment in 2007 as a part-time income stream.

One of the most memorable moments in my business journey occurred a few years ago. It was the end of a calendar year, and I was reflecting on our most successful and prosperous year of auctions to date. It was at this moment that I recognised the need to expand our services, leading us to venture into training and coaching. This pivotal transition transformed me from being solely an auctioneer with my own business to a business owner who also conducts auctions.

While I still conduct auctions, my primary focus has shifted towards product development, auctioneer and trainer development, as well as coaching agents and agencies in achieving their short and long-term goals. As a business owner, I devote a significant amount of time and energy to driving business development and overall progression.

My entry into the real estate industry was unconventional, as I started straight out of school by seeking employment through door-to-door visits instead of sitting for HSC exams. Initially, auctioning served as a secondary source of income, but it soon became the path I wanted to pursue. In 2008, I fully transitioned out of agency work and sold my rent roll, and I have never looked back since.

On auction day, I bring a unique dynamic compared to traditional auctioneers. With approximately 15,000 auctions under my belt and a personal style that has evolved over the years, I instil a sense of comfort in agents. They can trust that they are in capable hands, and our strong compliance background ensures meticulous attention to all aspects.

Here’s an interesting fact that clients may not know about me: I firmly believe in the power of fate. It fascinates me that 15 years ago, I could never have anticipated being in the position I am today. Driven to make our businesses not only bigger but also better, I firmly believe that the most valuable lessons in both business and life are derived from learning on the job. While I have some ideas for the future, I maintain an open mind that enables me to identify unforeseen opportunities and embrace them wholeheartedly.

I’m proud to lead a team who has expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment in all that they do. Join us as we continue to reshape the real estate landscape through innovation, training, and exceptional auctions.

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