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Under The Hammer is pleased to offer a series of professional training webinars in addition to our CPD programs. These webinars will be held on a monthly basis throughout the CPD year and are available to all agents who enrol in CPD with us at no extra charge.

For agents who choose not to enrol in CPD with Under The Hammer but still wish to attend our seminars, a fee of $55 per session will apply.

This is an opportunity to further your Professional Development for the current 2023/2024 CPD year in line with the expectation of NSW Office of Fair Trading for further additional training.

Please note these webinars do not count towards your Compulsory CPD requirements as they are regarded as additional training. We encourage you to incorporate this additional training as part of the required Training Plan that must be maintained by your Licensee in Charge.

Upon completion, eligible registered attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

*2% admin and processing fee applies to all courses upon enrolment

Upcoming Professional Development Webinars - 2023/2024

October 4 2023 10am – 11am Zoom Setting Motivational Goals $55 ENROL NOW
November 1 2023 10am – 11am Zoom Coaching & Mentoring $55 ENROL NOW

*2% admin and processing fee applies to all courses upon enrolment

*If you enrol with Under the Hammer for your CPD this year you will receive access to this Webinar Series free of charge



Webinar Topics Overview

Advertising & Marketing
  • The difference between advertising and marketing
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Australian consumer law and Advertising
  • Pricing and advertising
Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Modes and Communication
  • Process in conflict management
  • Roles and responsibilities in conflict management
  • Role play/scenario dialogue
Running Effective Auctions
  • Client preparation for auction day
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls
  • Knowing your role vs everyone else’s
  • Use auction day for your next listing
Setting Motivational Goals
  • Why setting goals is important
  • The How and Why of setting goals
  • Understanding the difference between vision and mission
  • The Importance of Reassessing Goals



Training Plans

All agencies licensed under the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002 are required to prepare and maintain an annual training plan for their agency, which connects the performance goals of the whole agencies with the training needs of all agents employed there.

Nominated Licensees in Charge are responsible for the development and implementation of the training plan, as well as reviewing and updating it annually.

The foundation of the annual training plan prepared by a licensee in charge will be the compulsory CPD set by the Property Services Commissioner annually. But this is only a legal minimum for agents to remain licensed – their training and development needs will go beyond what’s required by law. The training plan must also include further training for agents’ development and to boost performance of the whole agency.

When planning the training needs of the agency and individual agents, licensees in charge can use the capability framework below to think about how both compulsory CPD and further, non-compulsory training serve professional development needs of individual agents. Each training exercise can be identified as enhancing one or more of the capability streams, and involve a combination of interactive training, online courses, workshops, mentoring, and job shadowing.


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