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At Under the Hammer, we understand that professional growth is not a one-size-fits-all journey. That’s why we are excited to announce our new series of All Day CPD events.

Tailored for a variety of real estate professionals, our all-day seminars are a great way for you to not only fulfill your CPD obligations but also designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and insights you need to excel in your field.

We have limited seats available for these sessions so be sure to book ahead of time to avoid missing out.


All licensed agents are required to complete their CPD within each CPD anniversary year, regardless of when their license is due for renewal. The CPD anniversary year runs between the 23rd March to 22nd March each year.

Commencing from the 23rd March 2023, all licensed agents are required to complete compulsory CPD topics as outlined by NSW Office of Fair Trading.

If you’re a property agent who holds a class 1 or class 2 licence, you must complete 4 hours of training on compulsory topics relevant to the class of licence you hold each CPD year.

Compulsory topics must be delivered in:

  • a face-to-face interactive training environment – maximum 40 attendees, or
  • an interactive webinar – maximum 25 attendees, and
  • include an assessment activity.

If you are unsure of your licence class, please check here prior to enrolment.


Buyers' Agents CPD Seminar

Are you a Buyers Agent looking to get more out of your CPD?

In 2022 we held the first of our in-person buyers’ agent CPD and training day which was a great success. This CPD and skills workshop is a full-day event with content tailored for Buyers’ Agents.

In this full-day CPD workshop, we will cover the following:

  • All requirements for a licensed Agent CPD for the 2023 / 2024 CPD year
  • Assessing Market Opportunities
  • Ideas on how to promote buyers’ agents’ services
  • Negotiation tips and techniques
  • Business planning and structure to take your business to the next level

Lunch is included in the ticket price.

February 15th 2024 10am – 4pm Face to Face Woollahra Library – 1/451 New South Head Rd, Double Bay Buyers’ Agent CPD $499 ENROL NOW


*2% admin and processing fee applies to all courses upon enrolment

* Please note this is a face-to-face training session and attendance is required in person at the location listed


Training Plans

All agencies licensed under the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002 are required to prepare and maintain an annual training plan for their agency, which connects the performance goals of the whole agencies with the training needs of all agents employed there.

Nominated Licensees in Charge are responsible for the development and implementation of the training plan, as well as reviewing and updating it annually.

The foundation of the annual training plan prepared by a licensee in charge will be the compulsory CPD set by the Property Services Commissioner annually. But this is only a legal minimum for agents to remain licensed – their training and development needs will go beyond what’s required by law. The training plan must also include further training for agents’ development and to boost performance of the whole agency.

When planning the training needs of the agency and individual agents, licensees in charge can use the capability framework below to think about how both compulsory CPD and further, non-compulsory training serve professional development needs of individual agents. Each training exercise can be identified as enhancing one or more of the capability streams, and involve a combination of interactive training, online courses, workshops, mentoring, and job shadowing.



Virtual Classroom Training

Under the changes that took place on 23rd March 2023, interactive workshops are restricted to a maximum number of 25 participants. Our virtual workshops are conducted over Zoom and require participants to have a working and functional web cam that need to remain on throughout the entire session so that attendance can be confirmed.

Our interactive workshops are an effective way to complete your training obligations from the comfort of your home or office while being guided by one of our experienced trainers. Participants will also enjoy the benefit of the input and interaction of other Real Estate professionals.

Individual Group Training

For larger groups, we offer a personalised training experience either by Zoom or in person training.

For personalised sessions a minimum number is applicable to be eligible with a maximum number permitted of 40 participants.

To find out more or to obtain a quote for an individual workshop, please contact our office.

Online Course training

Under the current requirements, any licensed agent that cannot attend to a 4 hour training workshop is able to complete their CPD obligations via an online / self paced course. If electing to complete training requirements utilising this method, there is a total of 10 hours of training that needs to be completed.

This comprises of the 4 hours compulsory CPD (relevant to your category of work) plus an addition 6 hours of elective training topics.

Under The Hammer’s online training offers the convenience of working to your own schedule while providing beneficial additional content outside of the required compulsory topics.

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