Over the years, we have assisted tens of thousands of successful transactions, and we have developed what we believe to be the most effective and practical coaching platform for businesses and individuals.

We take the time to understand current market patterns and trends as well as the challenges agents face daily.


Why Coaching?

Ideally, a real estate coach should have been involved in the real estate business as well as having dealt with and faced the day-to-day challenges that a real estate professional faces on a daily basis.

Coaches who are most effective allow you to benefit from their experiences and those they receive from their vast array of clients. Our aim is to ensure that, not only does your bottom-line increase, but you develop skills and habits that enable you to reach new heights in your business.

Coaches have different specialties, so it is vital that when you hire one you feel comfortable that their experience relates to the objectives you have in mind.

Coaches are primarily used by agents for accountability, motivation, consultation, and idea-generation. But regardless of how good the coach is, their effectiveness depends largely on what the client is willing to do in terms of output and productive activity.

What Will We Cover?

A certified coach will create training exercises and modules carefully designed to guide an agent through various points of focus.

These include:

  • Listing presentations
  • Vendor management
  • Database activity
  • Buyer management and call backs
  • Time management
  • KPI’s and monitors
  • Scripts and dialogue
  • Working successful auctions.

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