One on One Mentoring Program

Includes 10-15 hours of development with one of the industry’s leading auctioneers. We offer flexible times to suit you and work around your schedule

Class Environment

Includes 6-7 hours of coaching in a group environment where you will develop with a small number of auctioneers.

Class schedules are set over 2 consecutive days

Single Consultation

Sit with Sydney’s leading auction team members and refine your skills and develop particular areas of your auction performance as you feel required




  • Legalities and requirements
  • Setting a structure for auctions
  • Where auctioneers traditionally go wrong
  • What makes a good auctioneer

Getting Started

  • Delivering a good introduction
  • Creating an effective flow
  • Fluent property description
  • Effective number calling
  • Scripts & delivery workshop

Conduct Auction

  • Identify bidding patterns with buyers
  • Mastering the techniques
  • Body language, tone and pitch
  • Objections & scenarios

Professional Advice

  • Business plan moving forward in your career
  • Working with agents on the day
  • Body language, tone and pitch
  • Working with agents before auction day
  • How to effectively market yourself
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